By Avraham ben Avraham


And Shanah Tova to you All!

Obviously, a lot of people already know that Kulanu have been on the news consistently for quite some time now.

Going through the records, it’s easy to ascertain most of the achievements so far made by kulanu- a group whose primary focus is to collaborate and play supportive roles to returning, emerging and isolated Jewish communities across the globe.

Today, the big news is the quarter of a century landmark, which the Organization would be celebrating on November the 15th. Jewish communities across the globe can become part of this historic event by indicating interest to participate!

At the moment, about 36 communities have registered to be part of the Anniversary celebration, which will run from 15th – 17th of November. In honor of the 25th anniversary, Kulanu is inviting groups across the globe to celebrate this milestone. Upon registration for this event:

  • The Jewish synagogues or community will be officially listed on the Kulanu website, and
  • Instant access to receive additional information and materials to participate.  Although, these same materials are also accessible for every other group on the Kulanu website.

Interestingly, the D’Var Torah from Parashat Vayera for the Kulanu Across the Globe weekend featured the Nigerian Jewish community alongside other communities in Africa and overseas.

This post is all about showing interested Synagogues and Organizations in Jewish Nigeria how to complete the online registration through a 7-steps process.

But firstly, Let’s See Kulanu’s Update For The Month Of July!

Here’s a list of achievements recorded by Kulanu in the month of July, as can be seen in their official website:

  • Installing 6 lightning arresters at Hadassah Primary School (Mbale, Uganda) to ensure that students are safe during storms.
  • Upgrading the water pump at the same school to a solar powered pump.
  • Sponsoring Hebrew teachings, Torah, and Jewish history by sending out Teaching Fellows to Nigeria, Brazil, India and Gabon. It’s the first time to have some African rabbinical students teaching in the African continent.
  • Sponsoring the making of the film, The New Jews of Guatemala.

Invitation is still open for interested groups willing to sign up to become part of the celebration.

7-Steps Registration Process Explained In Details

The whole of the registration procedures are done online through the Kulanu website. A selected individual can register his/her community, provided the person has the authorization from the leadership of the Jewish group in question.

To make everything overly simple, I’ll be using a practical example to help you go over every requirement and piece of information needed to signup successfully.

I was contacted by the rosh of a new synagogue in Agulu to assist them following their interest to align with Kulanu in celebrating the 25th anniversary. In one of the our previous posts, we had written about the 7 Facts Drawn from the inauguration of Beit Yaakov Haknesset in Jewish Nigeria.


Prior to the start of the whole registration procedure, it’s important to know beforehand some of the key data that are basic requirements. Some of them are compulsory information needed in the registration, while some other fields are less important. Generally, filling the online inquiry form requires your name, your email address, your phone number, your country, Name of Synagogue/Group, etc.


Communities across the six continents are invited to celebrate Kulanu’s accomplishment in the quarter of a century since its establishment in 1994.

To join Now, simply browse to

The page will open on your browser as shown in the photo above. There are three things that can be done on this page, which include:

  1. Viewing the current list of participating Synagogues and other groups who have completed the signup process.
  2. Initiating the Sign Up process to receive more information and the materials to participate.
  3. A link to help offset the substantial cost of this process via Donating/Sponsoring the event.

For those Signing Up to participate and receive additional information, click on the Sign Up link to get to the Next Page.


Like I mentioned earlier, I assisted Beit Yaakov Haknesset just recently, to Sign Up for the event. So, I’ll show you exactly how I was able to do that, as an example.

Most definitely, Kulanu is interested to know the status of the person (referred here as the Presenter) filling the online inquiry form on behalf of the Synagogue in question. Hence, the top of the form on the Sign Up page is dedicated to capturing the official role of the Presenter and personal information as well.

On the Sign Up page, a Presenter is required to state their position in the overall decision making process.

After ticking the appropriate option in the provided list, then the following information are require:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone
  4. City
  5. State or Region
  6. Postal Code
  7. Country

Note: Not all the items mentioned above are compulsory, although they’re necessary.


Whether it’s a Jewish Synagogue or community or group, this is the point to provide basic administrative information.

However, since I was also privileged to share the opportunity to Join Kulanu Across the Globe with Adat Yisrael Synagogue, let me present this part of the form by giving the exact information which I filled in, as required by the photo below:

  • Organization Name (If Any): Adat Yisrael Synagogue Lagos
  • Organization Contact Person’s Name: Kish ben Onyia
  • Organization Contact Person’s Phone: +23470456902 (not real number)
  • Organization Contact Email: (not real)
  • Organization Website or Facebook Page: http//
  • Organization Address: 27 Canal View Drive, Off Ago Bridge.
  • Organization City: Isolo
  • Organization State: Lagos
  • Organization Postal Code: Nil
  • Organization Country: Nigeria


After successfully entering all the basic requirements of the Organization, then the ending part of the form requires the Presenter to answer a few more questions under three aspects:

  • How did you hear about this event: Website, Friend, Email, Facebook, and Others?
  • Who is your Referral? Here, it’s expected to share the name and email of the person or group that referred you to Join or add others.
  • Comments and/or questions: Most important, if you are filling the form on behalf of your Synagogue, mention it here officially that you have the authorization to do so.

After this, go through the form one more time, from the top to the end, to ensure that all the entries were correctly filled. Recall that some of the fields which are compulsory must be filled before the form can be submitted successfully.

Then, click the SUBMIT button!

If successful, then the Next Page shown on your screen should look like the one bellow.

At this point, it may be possible to go back to the registration page and edit any information, one more time, prior to the final approval of the Sign Up application procedure.

New Kulanu Magazine is Online!

Kulanu are excited to announce that the Spring/Summer 2019 Magazine (Volume 26, no 1) is available in full color online. To view or download the magazine in PDF, simply click this link to explore interesting stories on diverse topics including:

  1. Celebrating Kulanu’s 25th Anniversary
  2. Jewish Nigeria Blog
  3. The Jews of Madras (Chennai)
  4. African Jewish Film Festival
  5. Abayadaya 100th Anniversary
  6. Kulanu Across the Globe and More!


Before the final approval to participate in the global event on November 15- 17th in honor of the 25th Anniversary, a staff of Kulanu will make some contacts needed for verification before granting the final approval. At the end of this confirmation processes, then we’ve come to the last part of the whole registration steps needed.


Upon completion and submission of the inquiry form, and after a successful confirmation, the community would appear on the list of groups already Signed Up to participate in honor of Kulanu’s 25th Anniversary.

New entrants usually take between 24 – 48 hours to be updated on the Kulanu website.

To find your community on the list, simply go to

The image at the side is the current screenshot from five continent who have already Signed Up.

It’s important to note that Signing Up allows the group to receive further information and materials, and then learn how to be able to view some of the anniversary celebration as it happens in the United States.

Then for the Groups who have registered, the first comprehensive collection of resource material  about the Kulanu Across the Globe is out! Here is the link to the material, which is posted on the Kulanu website.

The materials cover the following content, which includes:

  1. Videos on Kulanu films
  2. Photo slideshows showing an overview of Kulanu’s partner communities.
  3. D’Var Torah of the weekly Torah portion of November 15th, 2019.
  4. Readings about different perspectives on Jewish thoughts and traditions.
  5. Recipes of food from different Jewish communities around the globe.
  6. Sounds of Jewish Music across the globe.

Summary of the Sign Up Process

Before ending this post, let me briefly highlight the whole steps required to JOIN this historic 25th year Anniversary of Kulanu.

  • Step 1- Pre-Registration
  • Step 2- Visit the Website
  • Step 3- Status of the Presenter
  • Step 4- About the Community
  • Step 5- Completing the rest of the forms
  • Step 6- Getting Approval after Sign Up
  • Step 7- List of Participating Communities

Thank you for taking the time to read through this post. I’m pretty sure that the detailed explanation presented here can guide any individual interested in registering their Synagogue or sharing the opportunity to other Jewish Groups.

See you soon on the list of Participating Communities!
Chag Succot Sameach!

Avraham ben Avraham  

About the Writer: Avraham ben Avraham is a Nigerian Writer, Business Consultant, International Tour Guide and a Jewish Travel Blogger. He is the founder of the Jewish Nigeria Blog (his 2nd blog after the Jewish Standards). His upcoming project is the Jewish Nigeria Online Forum and Parnasa Network (Nigeria). He is a member of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce (New Jersey).