By: Avraham ben Avraham

Have you ever been invited for a Jewish ceremony, not a bar mitzvah or chuppah, but an engagement party, a build-up event to the actual wedding chuppah? Occasions like this rarely happen here, but when it does, it becomes an opportunity to bask in the excitement and joy of the moment, a memory that would linger for quite a time. Making history is a question of doing something exceptional, to the overall growth of the community at large, no doubt. And when it comes to hosting musical-powered gatherings, you should trust that the Jews of Akwaibom never disappoint when it comes to that.

Honoring the invitation to witness a Jewish engagement event got me again on the road to this southernmost region some 10 days ago. Previously, I have told you about a visit to Beth Ha’arachman: 9 interesting things to learn about this Knesset in Akwaibom State. Since then, and up till now, they have continued to grow in strength and in the Torah, and living in a typical-type of Jewish community, located at the outskirt of the town. The surrounding quietness, as well as the endless span of agricultural land on the other side of the highway as far as the eyes can see- are two exceptional reason to pay a visit.

Sights and Sound of the Jewish Engagement Party!

The whole event actually began from erev Shabbat, and then a joyful Shabbat service saddled with endless dancing and rejoicing with the Torah scroll during both of the Aliyah services. There was an interactive Torah discussion till it was dark, followed by a terrific Havdallah, with extra music that lasted till after 10PM in expression of the joy of the great day ahead. The grand occasion was flagged off with the mincha prayers at one corner in the venue, just by the side of the synagogue building. By the time the couple-to-be joined the waiting guests, one would smartly notice that the colors of the day were white, blue, yellow, and red.

Below, you can catch the whole moment through the picture story compiled bellow:

Summary Video clips from the Jewish engagement party!

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Save the DATE: Sunday, 21st of March 2021.
Looking forward to seeing you all.

Firstly, we’re grateful to everyone that made it for our engagement party on 14th of February. Todah raba for coming! And using this opportunity to invite our Jewish brothers and sisters across Jewish Nigeria, our friends and families, and the general public to the Jewish chupah, which will be taking place on the 21st of March, 2021. The venue for the event is at the Synagogue in Uruan LGA. We are also happy to inform you that the traditional wedding comes up four days before the Jewish chupah, being on the 17th day of March. Come and celebrate with us as we begin a new phase in our Jewish life as man and wife! Shalom!

ABOUT THE WRITERAvraham ben Avraham is a Nigerian Writer, Business Consultant, International Tour Guide and a Jewish Travel Blogger. He is the founder of the Jewish Nigeria Blog (his 2nd blog after the Jewish Standards). Avraham is also a contributory writer in the diaspora section of The Jerusalem Post Magazine. Some of his upcoming projects include: the Jewish Nigeria Online Forum, Jewish Nigeria Directory, the “Book of the Returning Jews,” and Parnasah Network (Nigeria). He is a member of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce (New Jersey).

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